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Here's a summary of the different calls available, if you are building your own client.

sms POST

Send an SMS


Delete a previously scheduled SMS

account GET Retrieve account details on your own account
account/<account ID> GET 

Retrieve account details on your own account or an account you created

account/sub PUT

Create a sub-account

accountPOSTModify account details

Get the number of credits on the account


Transfer a number of credits to another account


Get a list of delivery reports available

deliveryReport/<name>GET 1

Get the contents of a delivery report whose name is '<name>'. Using a name of 'all' retrieves all reports.

deliveryReport/<name>/<from>/<to>GETSame as 1 above, but for specific dates/times
deliveryReport/<name>/custom/<tag> GET 2 

Same as 1 above, but restricts results to a specific custom string tag (specified when you send the SMS)


GETSame as 2 above, but for specific dates/times
keywords/<keyword> GET

Check the availability of the keyword '<keyword>'

groups GET

Get a list of the available send groups

group/<group name or ID> POSTAdd number(s) to a given send group
group/<group name or ID>PUT

Create a group with the given name

group/<group name or ID> GETGet group details including numbers in a group

The API is accessed at the following URL (and alternatively without SSL):<resource (see table)>


e.g., the credits resource can be accessed via the URL:


 There is also a sandbox service available via the URL (not available via SSL/https):


See more about here.

Authentication is handled by passing your API username/password as GET/POST arguments, or you can use HTTP Basic Authentication.

See more on Authentication.