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The REST API is a powerful tool for programmatically controlling your Text Marketer account, sending SMS text messages and many other actions. It is the most feature-rich of our APIs and provides the most detailed information about the success/failure of your requests. Using a RESTful paradigm, our REST API uses standard Internet protocols, making it easily accessible from all programming languages.

We offer wrapper libraries in various languages that make it very easy to use our API with simple function calls. We recommend you use the wrappers, due to the simplicity they provide. See it here.

For those who prefer to integrate with a simpler API, some people fnd our Simple SMS APIs easier, but it does not contain so many features. The Email-to-SMS gateway is also preferred by some people.

Still want to do it yourself?

This guide provides a one-stop reference for the REST API. It assumes the reader has a basic understanding of the principles of a RESTful API, as covered in our document.

A Beginners Guide to RESTful SMS Services, which is available from:

To program your own client for the REST API, you need to know the difference between

POST and GET requests, and be familiar with the principles of XML.

Example code

If you want to write your own client, example code for interacting with the REST API using
your preferred programming language is available at: