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URL Encoding

Character encoding

You must url encode your message and orig parameters for more information on url encoding.

You need to ensure the string data (message etc) is UTF-8 encoded and the header is also set to UTF-8. If you start seeing ? in your test messages it will be because of incorrect encoding, probably ISO-8859-1.




Changing the delivery report view

If you exceed 160 characters you automatically covert to concatenation sending, this has the following connotations. Each message consists of a 153 character ‘chunk’ (not 160 chars) the extra characters are used to glue the messages together. Therefore a message that is 307 characters long will require 3 messages to send.HTTPS / SSL Support.

You can also use the API using encryption, just use port 443 or https:// depending on your programming language support.

When you log in to you account and select “reports”=>”delivery reports” by default the data summary is a day by day usage report, if you are using the custom parameter to highlight “groups” or “sub accounts” of usage you can change this default view to one that splits the data into monthly reports based on the parameter you have set.

To do this whilst in your account “Account Settings” => “API Settings” and tick the API Delivery Report View check box.



Basic Character Set                                                                                                   Basic Character Set Extension










0x00@ΔSP0¡P¿p0x00    |  
0x04èΛ¤4DTdt0x04 ^     
0x08òΣ(8HXhx0x08  {    
0x09ÇΘ)9IYiy0x09  }    
0x0BØESC+;KÄkä0x0B SS2     
0x0CøÆ,<LÖlö0x0C   [   
0x0DCRæ-=MÑmñ0x0DCR2  ~   
0x0EÅß.>NÜnü0x0E   ]   
0x0FåÉ/?O§oà0x0F  \    
  • LF is a Line Feed control.
  • CR is a Carriage Return control, or filler.

  • ESC is an Escape control.
  • SP is a Space character.
  • FF is a Page Break control. If not recognised, it shall be treated like LF.
  • CR2 is a control character. No language specific character shall be encoded at this position.
  • SS2 is a second Single Shift Escape control reserved for future extensions.

    Please be aware that we only accept data in UTF-8 format, so for example à is C3 A0