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If you want to just send SMS and don't want to use our wrappers, it can be done with the minimum of effort using our basic SMS API. If you have any integration questions then just call us, 0117 205 0202 – option 3.

Skills Required:

  • Understanding of the HTTP (GET) protocol
  • Some knowledge of a programming language
  • Basic XML

Fast and easy: send SMS

In your preferred programming language all you need to do is generate a GET request like this:

If you want to send to multiple numbers, use a comma delimited list. Here is an example:,4477777778,4477777779&message=test+message&orig=my_script

Beware that, due to limitations on the HTTP protocol, sending to multiple numbers is limited to 500 recipients. So, if you want to send the same SMS to more than 500 recipients, e.g. 750 recipients, you'll have to send it in two batches: 500 + 250.

Code Examples for sending SMS

Get started instantly. You can copy & paste the code examples below for use with our SMS API Gateway.

Our example code is an illustration of how you might integrate with our systems and is not certified for production environments. You are responsible for testing and QA.