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You can receive text messages from end users using several “text response” mechanics, see below. Once we receive the text message we forward (using HTTP GET) the response on to a landing page of your choice which is configured via the account system.


88802 Keyword

TxtUs / Virtual mobile number

You can configure a keyword for use on our 88802 short code, short codes are mainly used for the purpose of off line advertising such as text Offer to 88802 where the end user has to remember the key bits of information quickly. 

Short codes only work in the UK

Sign up for a free account in here, log in click “purchase” (top right) . Type in the keyword you require to see if it's available and proceed with the sign up once you are happy.

You can use one of our virtual mobile phone numbers, typically these are employed as conversation style mechanic where by the end user would know the number and the communication would be based around an individual context for example a recruitment system communicating to a candidate. 

It can also be used internationally unlike short codes.

Sign up for a free account here, log in click “purchase” (top right). Select from the drop down a mobile number you're happy with and proceed with the sign up.



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