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The Text Marketer email gateway is extremely popular due to its obvious ease-of-use. Send text messages to your customers via a simple email. Your customers enjoy the convenience of getting a text message straight to their phone, and you never found texting people so easy.

The email-to-SMS gateway is also very flexible. For advanced users, it can handle multiple recipients in one message. You can specify the originator – the sender ID displayed to the recipient – or just leave it to the default value set on your account.

You can also combine it with a txtUs© number – only from Text Marketer – or a reply keyword, and have 2-way conversations via email. Your customers are very impressed with the speed of your response and the convenience of communicating by text. For more details see Two-way messaging with txtUs© and reply keywords in Advanced Use.


Some Text Marketer users like to use the email gateway to integrate SMS sending into their own IT systems. This user guide explains how to use the email gateway for all our users.