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Shows the details of a group. Only gets the details of one group at a time, and includes all the numbers in the group, if there are any.
Also lists the numbers in a 'stop' groups - numbers in these groups will never be sent messages. Every account has at least one stop group, so that your recipients can always opt out of receiving messages from you. This is a legal requirement.




string/integer $group:

Group name (string) or group ID (integer) to get the details of.


an array with 5 keys: 'name', 'numbers', 'id', 'is_stop' and 'number'

Array keyValue
nameString. The name of the group just created.

DEPRECATED – do not use.


Integer. The quantity of numbers in the group.

id Integer. The unique ID of the group, unique for this account.

Boolean. Whether the new group is a stop group. Always false.


Array. Array of strings – the numbers in the group, in international format, e.g. 447000000000.

Specific error codes:


error code 404 is reported if the group does not exist; error code 400 is reported if the group name was not specified. See General error codes.



You must know!

Our example code is an illustration of how you might integrate with our systems and is not certified for production environments. You are responsible for testing and QA.