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An individual delivery report shows the current known status of all messages sent on a given day, or for a particular campaign. Whereas the resource deliveryReports gets a list of available delivery report names, including delivery reports for campaigns.

See The deliveryReport resource below for further explanation of delivery reports.

Delivery report names

When we receive a delivery report from the operator for a message that you sent, this gets added to a delivery report on your account with a standardised name. The naming format is as follows:



  • DD is the day in the month
  • MM is the month
  • YY is the year


each being in a 2-digit format. 

So for example:

  • GatewayAPI_04-01-09 is valid
  • GatewapAPI_12-12-09 is valid

  • GatewayAPI_1-1-9 is invalid


When you create a send campaign, with a name, the delivery report for the messages sent for that campaign is given a different name to the delivery report created for messages sent that are not part of a campaign. The delivery report name for named campaigns is:

<campaign name>-DDMMYY


  • '<campaign name>' is the name you gave to the campaign
  • DD is the day in the month

  • MM is the month

  • YY is the year

the last 3 being in a 2-digit format. So if you created a campaign named 'mycampaign' on 2 April 2011, the delivery report name will be:

  • mycampaign-020411