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Resource URL 1:<reportName>

e.g. for a delivery report with the name 'mycampaign-020411', the URL would be:

using the name 'all' allows you to retrieve all campaign/API reports, the URL would be:

Resource URL 2: 

specific dates and times<reportName>/<from-date>/<to-date>

e.g. to get the delivery reports for 'mycampaign-020411' between 01:00 and 02:00 on 1st Jan 2011:

or all reports between the same times:

Resource URL 3: 

specific string tag ('custom')<reportName>/custom/<tag>

The same as Resource URL 1, above, except that you also specify a 'tag', which will restrict the search to those messages you sent with that tag (see 'custom' parameter of sms POST).

Resource URL 4: 

specific string tag combined with specific dates

As with Resource URL 2, you can also combine a date search with the tag search, as follows:<reportName>/custom/<tag>/<from>/<to>

the dates should be in ISO 8601 format, and of course URL-encoded.

Actions available:


An individual delivery report shows the current known status of all messages sent on a given day, or for a particular campaign. Whereas the resource deliveryReports gets a list of available delivery report names, including delivery reports for campaigns.
See The deliveryReports resource above to see how to get a list of available delivery reports and naming conventions.

What is a delivery report?

A ‘success’ response from an API sms POST call (a send) only confrms that the number andmessage appear to be in the correct format – this does not mean that the number actually exists, or that the message was received by the recipient.

Whereas a delivery report – which you retrieve through this deliveryReport resource – confrms to you what has actually happened to the sent message. This may change over time, i.e. a delivery report may not show a delivered status for a given message 10 minutes after the message was sent, but may show a delivered status after an hour.

The status of messages can change up to 72 hours after the message was sent. Therefore you may prefer to wait for 72 hours after sending an SMS before trying to retrieve its delivery report.

The possible outcomes for a sent message in a delivery report are: PENDING, DELIVERED, REJECTED, FAILED, NON-UK or no report at all.

  • PENDING” means the status of the sent message is currently unknown.
  • REJECTED” means that the relevant operator rejected the message and did not attempt to deliver it.

  • FAILED” probably means that the number doesn't exist (or not anymore), or the recipient didn't turn on their phone to receive the message and it expired.

  • DELIVERED” means the message was received on the handset.
  • NON-UK” means you are on a UK-only account and have tried to send a non-UK number.

Very occasionally there is no delivery report status for a given message at all. This can be due to a failure at the operator end because of exceptionally high load or other problems.