Transfer credits from one account to another account, using the integer account number to specify the target account.

Hashtable result = tmClient.transferCreditsToAccount(3, "1234");
Console.WriteLine("Transfered 3 Credits (have {0} now), to account 902, now with {1} 
Credits", result["source_credits_after"], result["target_credits_after"]);



int quantity:

The number of credits to transfer from the source account to the target account.

String targetAccountNumber: 

The account number of the account to transfer the credits to (available in the web-based UI)


A Hashtable with four keys: 'source_credits_before', 'source_credits_after',
'target_credits_before' and 'target_credits_after' e.g. result["source_credits_after"]

Hashtable keyValue

The number of credits on the source account before the transfer.

source_credits_afterThe number of credits on the source account after the transfer.
target_credits_beforeThe number of credits on the target account before the transfer.

The number of credits on the target account after the transfer.

Specific error codes:


There are insufficient credits available to transfer the specified quantity, or the specified quantity is not a positive number


The target account number specified is not a valid number or username/password combination does not refer to any known account