Add a number/numbers to a 'send' group (excluding 'merge' groups).

int numAdded = tmClient.addNumbersToGroup("My Group", "447777000001,447777000002");
Console.WriteLine("Added {0} numbers to My Group", result);



String groupName: 

Name ID of the group to add the numbers to.

String numbersArray: 

The MSISDN (mobile number) you wish to add. If you want to add more than one number use a comma-delimited list.


An integer with the total of added numbers to the selected group

Specific error codes:


The group ID or name was not specified or was invalid.

2No numbers were supplied for adding to the group.

A number was not of a valid format.

4This service will not add to a merge group. Merge groups are not handled by this function.

error code 404 is reported if the group does not exist. See General error codes.