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Below is a list of all the functions currently available in the latest version of the C# wrapper library.

addGroup Create a new 'send' group 
addNumbersToGroupAdd new numbers to a 'send' group
createSubAccount Create a new account that is a sub-account of your main account
getCredits Get the number of credits available in your account
getDeliveryReport Get the contents of one/several delivery report(s) 
getDeliveryReports Get a list of the available delivery reports 
getGroupGet the numbers present in a send/merge group
getGroupsGet a list of the available 'send' and 'merge' groups

Get the availability of a keyword for use on our 88802 short code number

getLastErrors Get the errors returned from the last call to the API

Check the username/password credentials used are valid

sendSMSSend an SMS to a given recipient 
deleteSMSDelete a previously scheduled SMS 
transferCreditsToAccountTransfer credits to a specified account number
transferCreditsToUser Transfer credits to a specified account username