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composedTitleSMS API Documentation | Text Marketer
titleSMS API Documentation | Text Marketer

Would you prefer to write your own code to communicate with the Text Marketer API? Everything you need is right here.


If you would rather write your own code to communicate with our APIs, that's no problem, everything you need is below, or if you prefer, use the API aggregator Consume API. 

Our aim is to provide all the API documentation that you might need in one place. Each document covers a broad function or product area. We've done our best to use plain language which can be easily understood and followed. Please let us know if anything is unclear. API documentation is always a little dry so we’ve tried to make this as short as possible while not missing out on any of the detail.

The code examples have been split into the main programming languages, so pick the one that best suits you. Please be careful when using our sample code. We’ve tested it all very thoroughly but it’s crucial that you test in earnest before your SMS application goes live. I'm afraid we can't be held responsible if there's any issue around code that’s installed on your service.

The API documentation and code examples are always expanding as we develop new products and SMS applications. We always make sure that we don't launch any new service unless the API documentation is in place first.


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