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Our API wrappers offer you simplicity with the greatest flexibility. This document describes the C# wrapper library, which makes it really easy to use our most feature-rich API in your C# code through simple function calls.

To send an SMS with our C# wrapper, download and unzip the wrapper from here, then copy the RestClient.cs or the DLL RestClient.dll into your project folder. You must use the RestClient assembly in your C# code e.g: 


Now put the following code somewhere in a C# file and execute it to send an SMS – don't forget to substitute your own API username and password and a real mobile number to send to!


You can find your API username and password (which may be different to your web interface username/password) via your account:!accountsettings/

If you don't have an account, you can set one up for free at

You must know!

Our example code is an illustration of how you might integrate with our systems and is not certified for production environments. You are responsible for testing and QA.